A Story…

June 21st, 2013 there was a major flood in Southern Alberta. Not just any flood but a 1 in 200 year event created by an occurrence that saw a vast amount of snow pack melt quickly in the Rocky Mountains. Calgary and many surrounding municipalities in Southern Alberta saw over 150,000 people displaced. Much of High River was affected but more than half of the town was above the high water mark – including the Villas on Monteith.

The people of High River are resilient. They rebuilt what was lost and with the help of fellow Canadians built a 100 million dollar flood mitigation system to protect the town from the small chance of an even bigger, 1 in 300 year event, making High River the most flood protected place in all of Canada.

Since that destructive month in 2013, High River has been named in the Top 5 of Best Places for Business in Canada (Canadian Business and PROFIT), has grown the number of businesses calling High River home to 1026 and has development permits underway for massive commercial and residential growth. The people of High River are confident and excited about their future which can be evidenced by one of the lowest vacancy rates and tenant turnover rates in Alberta. Commercial and Government investment money is betting on High River, history tells us that real estate prices will soon follow.